Commercial Equipment Finance Hobart: The Best Choice

Obtaining the right commercial equipment is important for business operations in Hobart and all of Tasmania. Our commercial equipment finance solutions are the key to getting your business running smoothly with a competitive edge.

What is commercial equipment finance?

Commercial equipment finance is a type of business loan that helps companies acquire the essential equipment they need. From heavy machinery to coffee machines, our dedicated brokers work with dozens of lenders, including major banks, to offer a broad range of equipment finance options and competitive rates.

Whether you’re in the hospitality business or the earthmoving industry, our experienced team of finance specialists can provide a tailored equipment finance solution to meet your needs. Book an appointment online to explore the best finance options available for your business.

What is Included in equipment financing?

Our equipment finance loans include financing for a wide range of asset types, such as office equipment, safety equipment, catering equipment, dental equipment, and earthmoving equipment. What sets Tassie Home Loans apart is our dedicated support team, careful planning, and a friendly approach to find the right choice of loan products for your business.

Depending on your credit score and business plan, we provide flexible terms and work with a range of lenders to ensure the application process is smooth. Our goal is to find the right equipment loan that aligns with your business’s current needs and future growth. Book an appointment online to discuss your specific equipment finance needs.

Securing the Best Rates

Securing the best loan rates for you and your business can make all the difference, and at Tassie Home Loans, we’re committed to offering competitive rates for your equipment finance loans. Our experienced and dedicated team negotiates with a range of lenders to provide you with the most advantageous finance options.

Our extensive network and knowledge of the finance market ensure that your business gets the optimal finance solution, regardless of the asset for business use. One of the key benefits of choosing Tassie Home Loans is personalised service for a variety of equipment finance options. Book an appointment online to learn more about our competitive rates.

Secure Your Business Future

Equip your business with the essential tools it needs to succeed. Our dedicated and experienced team at Tassie Home Loans is here to support you through the entire equipment finance application process, ensuring a smooth experience and the realisation of your business goals. Book an appointment online to secure the future of your business with the right loan.


We provide financing solutions for many types of equipment including:


Motor cars and
commercial vehicles


Earthmoving equipment


Plant and machinery


Industrial equipment


Computer hardware 

and software


Office equipment
and fit-outs


Medical equipment


Hospitality equipment


Security equipment and
closed-circuit TV


What types of equipment can I finance?

With a business equipment loan you can finance a wide range of equipment including office, safety, catering, dental, and earthmoving equipment, depending on your business needs.

How does the application process work?

Our application process is streamlined. Our dedicated team works closely with you and a range of lenders to find the best equipment finance solution, considering your credit rating and business plan.

Are there flexible terms available?

Yes, we offer flexible terms on our equipment loans, working with your business to find a solution that suits your needs and growth projections.

Can I get finance for any type of business?

Yes, whether you are in the hospitality business, earthmoving industry, or any other sector, we have a range of finance options to suit your specific needs.


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