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Tassie Home Loans specialises in business equipment finance and leasing solutions. We offer a wide range of financing and leasing products designed to meet the business needs of small, medium and large enterprises.

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We help you grow your business

We can assist you with finance options if you are needing to hire new staff, consider business expansions or purchase new fit-outs and equipment. Having adequate cash flow is also necessary for business opportunities like franchising or exporting. Hiring an agency to help with marketing or advertising can also be a costly but essential endeavour for expanding your brand reach. Get in touch to find out more about the options available for you.


We provide financing solutions for many types of equipment including:


Motor cars and
commercial vehicles


Earthmoving equipment


Plant and machinery


Industrial equipment


Computer hardware 

and software


Office equipment
and fit-outs


Medical equipment


Hospitality equipment


Security equipment and
closed-circuit TV


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Retain working capital and smooth out your cash flow by leasing plant, equipment or motor vehicles for your business.

It costs a lot to run a household, with food, expenses, clothing and other expenses such as travel costs. When assessing your ability to repay the loan, lenders will factor in certain costs allowing for the number of adults and children in the household. This way, they are making sure you can repay the loan without overcommitting yourself. An important part of responsible lending.

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Find out how much you could borrow, estimate what your repayments might look like, or compare rates and loans using our broad range of calculators.
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